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Technology of JVM RollsŪ

JVM special fibre coverings are made of thin, non-woven, special synthetic fibre discs and are bonded together with a flexible and resistant - specifically developed - binding resin. The result is an elastic, self-regenerating roll covering that is extremely resistant against cuts. In contrast to rubber or polyurethane coated rolls, JVM Rolls are porous, with up to 40% void volume, which is helpful for the absorption of solutions (liquids) in squeezing, oiling, driving and brake applications. With JVM Rolls, loosened particles from the strip or sheet or residual dirt and debris can penetrate the roll surface without being deposited there - in contrast to rubber or polyurethane coated rolls and steel rolls. This prevents marks and scratches on the material surface. Moreover, the porosity offers great advantages when adding lubricants, as they can be applied more uniformly and at a predetermined thickness. In wringing/squeezing, oiling, tension or supporting applications, JVM Rolls raise productivity and increase the cost-benefit ratio in running the lines. Deficiencies caused by conventional rolls, such as friction problems or carry-over of solutions (liquids) are virtually eliminated.

Technical Benefits:
Extremely resistant and elastic surface
Roll surface cannot be destroyed by distortion
High nip pressure reserves, therefore no danger of burning or destroying the roll covering by strip buckles or twisting
Roll surface does not become glazed, like rubber, polyurethane or similar coated rolls
Constant, extremely high friction values to achieve high tension and more precise steering control
No aquaplaning/hydroplaning or air planing

Economic Benefits:
Higher line productivity
Extreme reduction in maintenance costs
Visible quality improvements
Higher strip speeds
Considerably longer roll life
Less downtime of line
Much lower maintenance expenditure
Low set-up costs
Less scrap
Substantial overall cost savings

Environmental Benefits:
Carry-over in wringing/squeezing applications will be greatly reduced. Consequently, the replacement intervals of the cleaning and rinsing solutions (liquids), such as demineralised water, acids and alkalis are substantially higher
Up to 50% lower oil consumption due to more uniform oiling or more effective de-oiling
Much lower costs for disposal of liquids
Cleaner line