water wringer rolls, oiler rolls, non-woven rolls and 3M Mill Rolls from JVM
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JVM Rolls - Worldwide Use in a Great Variety of Applications

Covered with particular high-quality and extremely resistant special fibre material, JVM Rolls offer considerable quality advantages, with up to 100 times longer working life, compared to conventional rolls. They are employed by users and machine builders in a great variety of industries, such as:

Steel Printing
Stainless steel Paint/Lacquer
Coper Plastics
Brass Glass
Aluminium Textile



JVM Rolls replace conventional rolls, such as:

Rubber coated rolls
Urethane coated rolls
Polyurethane coated rolls
Non-woven covered rolls
Felt covered rolls
Steel rolls
Bronze coated steel rolls
Alloyed steel rolls
Hardened steel rolls
Other rolls

These are used in a great variety of manufacturing lines to produce, treat and process strips, sheets, plates, tubes and pipes.