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JVM RollsŪ - Also Highly Effective for Manufacturing, Treating and Further Processing of Tubes, Pipes and Profiles

Tubes, pipes and profiles made of aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel or steel are often covered with lubricants such as oil, emulsion or grease during the various manufacturing processes.

Conventional rubber or polyurethane coated rolls are often not as suitable for driving or braking tubes, pipes and profiles or for applying or wringing/squeezing solutions (liquids), because they have a low coefficient of friction and they cut easily. Steel rolls are also often used in order to work with higher contact pressure. However, these rolls cause scratches and marks on the work piece surface, which leads to scrap.

- Pinch (Driving) rolls - Oiler rolls
- Brake (Tension) rolls - De-oiler rolls
- Entry feed rolls - Wringer/Squeegee rolls
- Feed rolls - Cleaning Rolls
- Applicator/Coater rolls - Speedometer rolls/Measuring wheels

Extremely high, durable friction value, for example up to 40 times higher in comparison with rubber or polyurethane coated rolls on oiled tubes, pipes or profiles.
Non-marking roll surface
No scratching of the tube, pipe or profile surfaces
Very good and uniform oiling/lubrication effect (greasing)
Very effective and even squeezing of oil or emulsion
Excellent wringing/squeezing performance of watery solutions (liquids)
Roll surface is resilient and extremely resistant against cuts from tube and pipe head ends or profile edges
Long life