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JVM Squeegee/Wringer Rolls® and Entry Feed Rolls in Blank and Strip Washers in the Automotive Industry

Clean Blank Surfaces Provide Superior Product Quality

In order to manufacture high-quality press components, it is necessary to clean the blank or strip surface from dirt and deposits. This ensures good surface quality and at the same time reduces contamination of the deep-draw dies. Though operating at extremely high throughput speeds, JVM squeegee/wringer rolls in blank and strip washers are capable of reducing the oil film on the blank or strip to a minimum. This ensures consistent component quality, while the cleaning intervals of the deep-draw dies are extended. The residual oil film thickness can be varied by adjusting the contact (nip) pressure of the squeezing rolls.

The Process

The individual blanks are transported by feed rolls into the washer station. The cleaning fluid is sprayed at high speed on the blank by means of nozzles placed before and after a pair of brush rolls. The rotation of the brush rolls in the opposite direction, increases the cleaning effect. One or two JVM squeegee/wringer roll pairs are provided to ensure the controlled, uniform oil film distribution on the blanks or strips. The roll frame is designed for high efficiency and ease of maintenance, to make sure that consistent cleaning results and increased machine uptimes are achieved. All JVM Rolls can be disassembled quickly and easily, if necessary.

In Operation

JVM squeegee/wringer rolls and entry feed rolls are used in blank and strip washers of various German and international manufacturers (for example SCHULER, Schleifenbaum & Steinmetz, MÜLLER WEINGARTEN, amongst others). They have been well-tried and proved reliable worldwide for more than 10 years and successfully used by renowned international automotive manufacturers, as well as in the automotive supplying industry.

The Result

Residual oil film of 0.5-4g/m2 dependent on:
  - operating speed
  - cleaning fluid
  - viscosity of the fluid
  - number of JVM squeegee/wringer roll pairs

Benefits of JVM Squeegee/Wringer Rolls:

Very effective and even squeezing of oil, emulsion or watery solution (liquid)
Control of the residual oil film by adjusting the contact pressure of the rolls
Cleaning effect - dirt particles are absorbed by the roll

Benefits of JVM Squeegee/Wringer and Entry Feed Rolls:

Extremely high, constant friction value, for example up to 40 times higher in comparison to rubber or polyurethane coated rolls on oiled blanks or strips
No aquaplaning/hydroplaning effect
Non-marking roll surface
Cleaning effect - dirt particles are absorbed by the roll
No scratching of the blank or strip surface
Roll surface is resilient and extremely resistant against cuts from blank or strip edges
"Self-healing effect" of the roll covering in case of cuts caused by blank or strip edges
Long life